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Influence of excessive particle feeding size of stone crusher

2019-07-15 15:50:06
In the production process, we should all understand that each crushing equipment has a corresponding range of feeding size, and the stone crusher is not an exception. When the feeding size exceeds the larger value of the equipment, what influence will it have? Let's have a look at the following analysis.

1.Whether it is soft ore or hardness stone, if the feeding stone is too large, it will cause damage to the stone crusher and cause different damage to the equipment, which will increase the degree of equipment wear.

2, The size of the feeding port of each crusher is specified, and the feeding size has a clear
regulation,oversize feeding material will cause jam phenomenon. At the same time, the feed port jam causes material accumulation and reduce production efficiency.During the jamming, the hammer of the stone crusher does not stop rotating, and the hammer and the crushing roller break less material in a certain period of time, and the parts wear fast.

3.When the bulk material enters the stone crusher, for the same kind material, the larger the particle size of the material, the more difficult the crushing will be, and the damage to the wearing parts of the equipment will become more serious. If the stone is too large, it will increase the running load of the stone crusher, which will easily cause the equipment to be exhausted, resulting in higher equipment failure rate.
4. Under the same production intensity, the excessive particle feeding size will shorten the use time of the stone crusher parts, thus greatly reducing the use time of the equipment. When the size of the material exceeds the size specified by the equipment, it is necessary to use primary crushing crusher, and the material can be put into production when the material meets the feeding size of the equipment. This will reduce the damage to the equipment and increase the production efficiency.
The above is the introduction from the expert about the influence of excessive feeding size on the stone crusher. I hope it is helpful for everyone. If you want to know more about the crusher, you can call us at 02168911951.