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please cool the stone crusher in hot summer

2019-07-23 14:29:30
In the past few days, the high temperature continued to strike. Go out for five minutes and sweat for two hours!

In such continuous high temperature weather, not only people need heatstroke prevention, but also mechanical equipment needs "heatstroke prevention". The crusher is a kind of mining machinery equipment. Because the crusher must work outdoors, and the workload is huge, in the high temperature weather, the equipment temperature is too high and it is easy to have malfunction. Therefore, the user should do the "heatstroke prevention" work for the crusher, otherwise it will not only affect the production, but also cause safety accidents.

How does the high temperature environment affect the crusher?
[1] In the high temperature environment, the crusher temperature will rise, and it is easy to produce unpredictable abnormal conditions, such as sudden shutdown, sudden break of the main shaft, etc.;
[2] Because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, high temperature will cause the components of the crusher to expand, resulting in more friction and deviation at the occlusion of each component, which will not only affect the production schedule, but also increase the temperature by friction;
[3] The high temperature environment will increase the temperature of the crusher lubricating oil, the oiliness and viscosity will decrease, the local oil film will be destroyed, the lubrication effect between the parts and the bearing capacity will be reduced, and even worse, the lubricating oil will be carbonized and burnt.

How to cool the crusher
1. Clean up the oil and dust of the engine body in time and good dust prevention to ensure the engine maintains good heat dissipation. Today although some equipment has been upgraded with a dust-proof system, the probability of downtime due to dust is reduced, but in summer ,due to high temperatures and dry air, the dust problem becomes more serious. For example, it is necessary to regularly check the fixing bolts of the cone crusher dust-proof sealing ring to prevent the dust-proof seal and the slip ring from falling off, which will rsult in a large amount of dust and ore entering the body, causing the crusher to be scrapped or a big economic loss.
2. Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are unobstructed, and replace the aging wires, plugs, tubes, screws, and fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage.
3. Change the appropriate oil viscosity grade for the equipment. Generally, the summer oil viscosity grade is higher than other times. Engine oil and various lubricating oils need to be replaced with summer using oil. The oil quantity is suitable. Check whether there is any oil leakage, especially fuel oil. It should be added in time.
4, High temperature in summer increases the equipment failure rate and the fire incidence, each machine is equipped with one or two sets fire extinguishers to prevent any accident.
5, The indoor equipment is better to be installed in ventilation place, while paying attention to adjust the indoor temperature, as well as the surrounding environment ventilation and breathability. It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees to maintain a good working environment for the crusher.
6. For some core components of the equipment, check the temperature at any time during the work. If the temperature is too high, be sure to stop and rest, or take some measures to reduce the temperature of the parts. Because too high  temperature can easily lead to equipment aging and shorten the service life.
7. For the outdoor crusher, it is generally not possible to reduce the ambient temperature, it is better to reduce machine running time and reduce the power for the purpose of reducing the heat output, or installing a sunshade around the machine or on the upper part .Reduce the time of exposure under the sun can also effectively reduce the temperature of the machine.

Solution for bearing high temperature:

The bearing is the most important part of the jaw crusher. At the high temperature working condition, pay attention to the bearing temperature and also pay attention to abnormal sound and vibration.If it is abnormal, stop it immediately, find out the reason and confirm that it is caught by an not easily broken object or  the hammer and other parts have been damaged. The reasons for the high temperature of the bearing are:
[1] Improper Lubrication.
To ensure the good lubrication of the bearing is an important measure to reduce production wear and improve economic efficiency, and whether the lubrication system can work normally is the prerequisite for good lubrication of the equipment. When the bearing is out of lubrication oil, the friction will increase and the temperature will naturally rise. When the injected lubricating oil is too much, not only will waste a large amount of lubricating grease ,but also the lubrication system will be disordered, which will cause temperature rise; when the oil hole is blocked, There will be a phenomenon in which the lubrication is not in place and the temperature rises.
[2] Improper use of lubricating grease
The choice of lubricant also has an effect on the temperature rise of the bearing. The viscosity is too big or the viscosity is too small will be difficult to form an oil film, which can cause the high bearing temperature. In particular, when the viscosity of the lubricating oil is big, not only the internal friction between the lubricating oil molecules is increased, but also the friction between the oil and the metal is increased, thus the heat generation is excessive.
[3] Bearing wear is serious
After long time running of the jaw crusher, the wearable parts like bearings can cause serious wear problem and go on  using  can not only achieve ideal effect, but also cause temperature increase, which adversely affects the operation of the entire equipment.

1) Timely lubrication
The amount of lubricating grease added and the time of addition should be changed in time according to the operating conditions of the equipment, which requires close attention to the operating state of the equipment. The right amount of lubricating oil should be added every 400 hours of operation. The lubricating oil added to the bearing housing should be 50%-70% of the volume and replaced every 3-6 months. Avoid excessive or too little oil injection. Also clean the oil hole to prevent the oil can't be  added due to oil hole blockage.

2) Proper selection of lubricating grease
When choosing lubricating grease, be sure to choose a lubricating oil with high viscosity, good adhesion characteristics and good vibration damping characteristics; also consider the economical applicability of lubricating oil and minimize the cost input; according to the seasonal temperature Change, use different lubricants; do not mix different greases; lubricants are also used to protect the surface of rolling bearings from corrosion, so it must be able to absorb condensation and so on.

3) Repair and replace the bearing in time When the bearing is worn out and cannot be used, it must be replaced. When assembling, pay attention to clean the bearing bush, journal, oil collector and lubricating oil pipeline. Then assemble the main bearing bush, the connecting rod.When installing the V-belt, it should be slightly looser than that while it is in normal operation. Pay attention to the operation of the crusher running in summer.

1) Before starting the crusher, first move the drive wheel one or two times, confirm that the operation is flexible, then start it again; After starting the machine, it is forbidden to fed directly. Wait until the crusher is running normally.

2) Keep the uniformity of feeding material, cant be excessive. Do not feed the materials which cant be crushed into the machine, such as metal, wood and so on.

Finally, warm reminder: In summer, workers work on sand and gravel sites, such as mobile crusher equipment working site, should pay more attention to safety when working under high temperature environment. As an operator, if the heat stroke faints, it will cause unimaginable problems. Safety first, pay attention to heatstroke prevention.