Mobile jaw crushing station

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Equipment Device

It is widely used in construction waste crushing and treatment. At present, the construction waste resource reuse project has been put into operation nationwide, and the investment prospect is very considerable.
The crawler-type mobile jaw crushing station is a mobile crushing and screening equipment independently designed by our company and combined with the actual situation at home and abroad. The machine uses a hydraulic system to drive the crawler, so as to achieve smooth running, and can adapt to a variety of complex job site conditions. It is widely used in mining, stone mining, highways (railways) and bridges, urban construction waste disposal and many other fields.

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Advantages & Highlights

  • Modular design

    Modular design, no welding structure, light structure, high fatigue resistance and strong impact resistance. The intelligent wireless communication device is adopted, and it can walk on its own clothes and belts, and can operate the upper and lower ordinary flatbed trailers remotely by one person to realize fast transition operations.

  • Adopt "V"-shaped symmetrical crushing cavity design

    Adopt "V"-shaped symmetrical crushing cavity design, deep crushing cavity, small meshing angle, large stroke, large processing capacity, low energy consumption, and large crushing ratio. The integrated motor installation, the motor base and the crusher-body installation, reduce the crusher space and the length of the V-belt.

  • Heavy Eccentric Shaft

    The movable jaw assembly adopts a forged heavy-duty eccentric shaft, high-quality heavy-duty spherical roller bearings, and a movable jaw body optimized by finite element analysis, which ensures the impact resistance and high stability of the movable jaw assembly. The crusher discharge opening is adjusted mechanically or hydraulically through the wedges on both sides, which is safe and reliable and saves downtime.

  • increased production

    Labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system ensure that the bearing grease is not contaminated, making it more effective and stable. The higher rotation speed improves the throughput and the frequency of material crushing, and greatly increases the output.

Application & Project

A new type of forehead crusher that has been optimally designed and manufactured in terms of structure, material selection, process, assembly, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model DMJ90 DMJ106
Feeding Equipment
Max Feeding size(mm) 500 650
Hopper Volume (m³) 4 9
Feeding Height(mm) 3750 3780
 Capacity(t/h) 250 400
Vibrating Feeder
L *W(mm) 3700*950 4100*1050
Motor(kw) 3.7*2 4.5*2
Jaw Crusher
Model DC90 DC106
Feed opening L *W(mm) 900*600 1060*750
Max.Feeding size(mm) 510 630
Closed Side Setting(mm) 70-175 90-200
Motor(kw) 90 132
Main Belt Conveyor
Unloading Height(mm) 3100 3100
Specification B1000*11M B1000*12M
Motor(kw) 11 5.5*2
 Scrap Belt Conveyor
Unloading Height(mm) 2000 2000
Specification B500*2.8M B650*3.3M
Motor(kw) 2.2 3
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) Single 92 Single 92,Double 280
Total weigh(t) 38 Single 55,Double 57
Capacity(t/h) 120-290 150-440
Transport Size L*W*H(m) 14.3x2.9x3.8 16×3.45×3.8
External Power(kw) 110.6 162

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Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is a modern China Mobile jaw crushing station manufacturers and custom Mobile jaw crushing station suppliers, specializing in R&D, production and sales of OEM/ODM Mobile jaw crushing station factory. With a team of more than 200 middle and high vocational technical engineers, relying on the pioneering and enterprising spirit, the unremitting pursuit of product excellence and the advantages of Shanghai's industrial chain, it has rapidly grown into a production, processing and export base of mining machinery in China.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the advantages of using a mobile jaw crushing station compared to other types of crushers?

There are several advantages of using a mobile jaw crushing station compared to other types of crushers, including:

Flexibility and mobility: A mobile jaw crushing station is designed to be easily transported between different worksites, which makes it ideal for use in construction projects, mining operations, and other settings where the crushing equipment needs to be moved frequently.

Higher efficiency: Mobile jaw crushers are designed to crush materials on-site, which reduces the need for transportation of materials to a stationary crusher. This can lead to higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

Versatility: Mobile jaw crushers can be used to crush a wide range of materials, including concrete, asphalt, and brick, as well as natural rock. They can also handle a variety of sizes and shapes of materials, which makes them versatile in many different applications.

Reduced environmental impact: By crushing materials on-site, mobile jaw crushing stations can reduce the amount of waste and debris that needs to be transported and disposed of. This can help to reduce the environmental impact of construction and demolition projects.

Improved safety: Mobile jaw crushing stations are designed with safety in mind, with features such as remote control operation and safety guards to help prevent accidents and injuries.

Overall, the mobility, versatility, and efficiency of mobile jaw crushing stations make them a popular choice for many different industries and applications.

What types of materials can be processed using a mobile jaw crushing station?

Mobile jaw crushing stations are designed to crush a wide range of materials, including:

Natural rock: Mobile jaw crushing stations are well-suited for processing natural rock, such as granite, limestone, and basalt.

Construction and demolition waste: Mobile jaw crushing stations can be used to crush and recycle construction and demolition waste, including concrete, asphalt, brick, and other materials.

Quarry waste: Mobile jaw crushing stations can also be used to process quarry waste, including overburden, blasted rock, and other materials.

Ores: Mobile jaw crushing stations can be used to process various ores, including gold, silver, copper, and iron.

Industrial minerals: Mobile jaw crushing stations can also be used to process industrial minerals, including phosphate, potash, and salt.

The specific materials that can be processed using a mobile jaw crushing station will depend on the design of the crusher and the size and hardness of the materials being crushed. It's important to consult with a manufacturer or supplier to determine if a particular mobile jaw crushing station is appropriate for a specific application or project.

What is mobile jaw crushing station?

A mobile jaw crushing station is a type of mobile crushing and screening plant that is designed to process large rocks and other materials into smaller pieces, using a primary jaw crusher. The mobile jaw crusher is mounted on a crawler chassis that can be easily transported from one work site to another.

The mobile jaw crushing station is typically used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, and construction waste recycling. It is designed to crush a wide range of materials, including natural rock, concrete, asphalt, and other materials.

Mobile jaw crushing stations are highly flexible and adaptable, allowing them to be used in a variety of different applications. They can be equipped with additional features such as a vibrating feeder, a pre-screening unit, and a conveyor belt to optimize the crushing process and improve overall efficiency.

The advantages of a mobile jaw crushing station include its mobility, versatility, and ability to reduce the need for transport of materials to a stationary crusher. Additionally, a mobile jaw crushing station is often safer and more cost-effective than traditional crushing methods, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.