Mobile screening station

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Equipment Device

It is designed by dynamic optimization and has high-efficiency screening capacity. It can be operated independently or cooperated with the multi-stage Dongmeng mobile crushing series process flow.
It is widely used in screening operations in various crushing and screening processes. Screening of materials in quarries, mining sites and aggregate screening in crushed asphalt and concrete mixing plants. Construction and demolition waste, such as house demolition, recycling and screening of road concrete. Screening of river pebbles, Gobi Desert sand and gravel, coal mines, topsoil and other industries.

HD VR Display

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Advantages & Highlights

  • Remote control

    Using remote intelligent wireless remote control, it can walk on its own crawler without a crane, and can directly get on and off the flatbed trailer through the intelligent remote control to realize long-distance transportation and transfer operations.

  • Screening machine can screen up to 4 types

    The screening machine can screen up to 4 kinds (three-layer screen) of final products with practical value, and each finished material conveyor belt can be hydraulically folded, which can realize the transportation of the whole machine.

  • Dynamically optimized design

    It is designed by dynamic optimization and has high-efficiency screening capacity. It can be operated independently or cooperated with the multi-stage Dongmeng mobile crushing series process flow. According to the needs of customers for screening materials, the plate feeding system can be selected to achieve the screening efficiency of special materials.

  • Complete screening system

    Before leaving the factory, it is a complete screening system, which can be quickly put into production without on-site installation and debugging. The vibrating screen can be lifted and lowered by hydraulic pressure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of the screen, and is convenient for transportation.

Application & Project

A new type of forehead crusher that has been optimally designed and manufactured in terms of structure, material selection, process, assembly, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model DMS620C
Feeding Equipment
Capacity(t/h) 450
Hopper Volume(m³) 2.5
Feeding Belt Conveyor
L *W(mm) 10500*1000
Feeding Height(mm) 2800
Motor(kw) 5.5*2
Vibrating Screen
Screen Size L*W(mm) 6000*2000
Decks 2(3)
Motor(kw) 22(30)
A-Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650*7.9M
Unloading Height(mm) 3500
Motor(kw) 4
B—Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650*5M
Unloading Height(mm) 3000
Motor(kw) 4
C—Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650*8.7M
Unloading Height(mm) 4000
Motor(kw) 4
D-Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B800*8M
Unloading Height(mm) 3700
 Motorr(kw) 5.5
E- Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650*2M
Motor(kw) 3
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) single 92,double 100
Total weight(t) single 33,double 35
Size L*W*H(m) 19x3.75*3.8
External Power(kw) 62
Capacity(t/h) 100-380

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Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is a modern China Mobile screening station manufacturers and custom Mobile screening station suppliers, specializing in R&D, production and sales of OEM/ODM Mobile screening station factory. With a team of more than 200 middle and high vocational technical engineers, relying on the pioneering and enterprising spirit, the unremitting pursuit of product excellence and the advantages of Shanghai's industrial chain, it has rapidly grown into a production, processing and export base of mining machinery in China.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

What types of screening services are typically provided by a mobile screening station?

Mobile screening stations can offer a wide range of screening services depending on the specific needs of the community or organization they serve. Some common types of screening services that may be provided by a mobile screening station include:

Medical screenings: These can include blood pressure checks, glucose and cholesterol testing, vision and hearing tests, and other basic health assessments.

Cancer screenings: Mobile screening stations may provide breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings, prostate cancer screenings, and other cancer-related tests.

Infectious disease screenings: Mobile screening stations may offer screenings for sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases.

Mental health screenings: Mobile screening stations may provide mental health assessments, depression screenings, and other mental health services.

Substance abuse screenings: Mobile screening stations may offer drug and alcohol screenings and referral services for addiction treatment.

Health education and promotion: In addition to screenings, mobile screening stations may also provide health education and promotion services, such as smoking cessation programs, nutrition counseling, and physical activity programs.

Overall, the specific types of screening services offered by a mobile screening station will depend on the needs of the population being served and the resources available to the organization operating the station.

Knowledge of Mobile screening station

A mobile screening station is a medical facility that provides various health screening services on a mobile basis. These stations are designed to bring health services directly to underserved communities, remote areas, or areas with limited access to medical care.

Mobile screening stations can offer a range of screening services, including medical, cancer, infectious disease, mental health, and substance abuse screenings. In addition to screenings, mobile screening stations may also provide health education and promotion services to improve the health and well-being of the community.

Mobile screening stations can be operated by healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, or government agencies. These facilities may be staffed by licensed medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, or medical technicians, depending on the type of screening services provided.

One of the key advantages of mobile screening stations is their ability to reach underserved communities and provide healthcare services that may otherwise be unavailable. By bringing medical services directly to the community, mobile screening stations can improve access to care, reduce healthcare disparities, and improve health outcomes.

Mobile screening stations can be equipped with a variety of medical technologies and equipment, such as portable diagnostic tools and medical imaging equipment. They may also be outfitted with telemedicine technology to facilitate remote consultations with medical specialists.

Overall, mobile screening stations play an important role in improving access to healthcare and promoting health equity in underserved communities.