DMC Compound Cone Crusher

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Equipment Device

The perfect combination of high-performance crushing cavity type and high crushing frequency greatly improves its processing capacity, and because of the lamination crushing principle, the crushed products are mostly cubic structures, which greatly reduces needle-like materials.
When working, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the V-belt, the large pulley, the transmission shaft, the small bevel gear and the large bevel gear, and the axis of the crushing cone rotates and oscillates under the force of the eccentric bushing, so that the surface of the crushing wall sometimes approaches. From time to time, it leaves the surface of the rolling mortar wall, so that the material is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent and broken in the annular crushing cavity composed of the fixed cone and the moving cone.

HD VR Display

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Advantages & Highlights

  • High reliability and good stability

    High reliability and good stability: The automatic control system with large diameter spindle, heavy main frame and independent thin oil lubrication system ensures the equipment is durable and reliable in operation. The iron-passing protection device ensures that the original discharge port can be quickly restored after the miscellaneous iron passes through the crushing cavity to ensure the discharge size.

  • Easy maintenance and easy operation

    Easy maintenance and easy operation: no fillers mechanically lock the wearing parts, easy to replace, save time and effort, and greatly save the investment cost of customers.

  • Low operating cost Wide range of applications

    Low operating cost and wide application range: due to large production capacity, high reliability and convenient maintenance, the production cost is greatly reduced; the machine adopts the principle of lamination and crushing to form a protective layer of material layer, which not only effectively reduces wear and prolongs the service life of wearing parts , and the proportion of cubes in the product is significantly increased, and the particle size is more uniform.

  • Simple structure and stable operation

    Simple structure and stable operation: DMC compound cone crusher is simple in structure, easy to operate and maintain, convenient and quick to adjust the discharge port, time-saving and labor-saving during maintenance, especially the lining plate is easy to quickly replace, which reduces the downtime.

Application & Project

A new type of forehead crusher that has been optimally designed and manufactured in terms of structure, material selection, process, assembly, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Chamber Max. feed size (mm) Min discharge opening (mm) Motor power (kw) Capacity (t/h)
Closed side setting (mm)
6 10 13 16 19 22 25 38 51 64  
DMC1000 C 160 13 110     80 100 135 150 175 235     10.8
M 115 10 110   65 75 90 120 135 150       10.8
F 80 8 110 52 62 72 78 115           10.51
EF 50 6 110 50 55 65 70 102           10.51
DMC1160 C 180 13 132     115 135 150 180 200 260     15.5
M 130 10 132   100 110 120 135 165 175       15.5
F 90 10 132   80 105 110 140           15.5
EF 60 6 132 60 74 105 110 130           15.5
DMC1300 C 200 16 200       150 180 200 230 310 390   22.3
M 150 13 200     115 140 160 190 210       22.3
F 102 10 200   90 115 145 160           22.3
EF 70 8 200   88 110 135 155           22.3
DMC1380 C 215 19 220         200 220 260 350 440   26.3
M 160 16 220       155 180 200 220       26.3
F 115 13 220     150 190 210 230         26.3
EF 76 8 220   122 148 185 200           26.3
DCM1650 C 235 22 250           265 310 420 525 580 36.5
M 175 19 250         215 240 265 320     36.5
F 130 13 250     180 210 235 255 275       36.5
EF 90 10 250   148 178 200 220           36.5
DMC1950 C 350 22 280-315           330 390 525 655 725 44.3
M 203 16 280-315       230 270 300 330       44.3
F 140 13 280-315     185 225 265 340         44.3
EF 95 10 280-315   180 220 260 335           44.3

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Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is a modern China DMC Compound Cone Crusher manufacturers and custom DMC Compound Cone Crusher suppliers, specializing in R&D, production and sales of OEM/ODM DMC Compound Cone Crusher factory. With a team of more than 200 middle and high vocational technical engineers, relying on the pioneering and enterprising spirit, the unremitting pursuit of product excellence and the advantages of Shanghai's industrial chain, it has rapidly grown into a production, processing and export base of mining machinery in China.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

What is DMC Compound Cone Crusher and how does it work?

DMC Compound Cone Crusher is a type of cone crusher that is used for crushing various types of hard and abrasive materials. It is designed with advanced technology and engineering to provide high-quality crushing performance with low operating costs.

DMC Compound Cone Crusher works by using a rotating mantle and a stationary concave to crush rocks, ores, and other materials between them. The material enters the crusher through the top and is then compressed and crushed between the mantle and the concave. The crushed material is then discharged through the bottom of the crusher.

The unique design of DMC Compound Cone Crusher allows for efficient and effective crushing with minimal wear and tear on the machine. The machine also includes a hydraulic system that provides overload protection, ensuring that the crusher can operate safely and efficiently even when processing large amounts of material.

Overall, DMC Compound Cone Crusher is a reliable and efficient machine that is ideal for crushing a wide range of hard and abrasive materials, including granite, basalt, iron ore, and other minerals.

What are the main features and benefits of DMC Compound Cone Crusher?

The DMC Compound Cone Crusher offers several features and benefits that make it a reliable and efficient machine for crushing hard and abrasive materials. Some of these features and benefits include:

High crushing ratio: DMC Compound Cone Crusher has a high crushing ratio, which means that it can effectively crush materials with a large size reduction ratio.

Low operating costs: The machine has low operating costs due to its efficient design, which reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Stable performance: DMC Compound Cone Crusher has stable performance, ensuring that the machine operates reliably and consistently, even when processing difficult materials.

Wide range of applications: The machine can be used to crush a wide range of hard and abrasive materials, including granite, basalt, iron ore, and other minerals.

Easy maintenance: The machine is designed for easy maintenance, with features such as easy access to wear parts and a hydraulic system that provides overload protection.

High automation level: The machine has a high level of automation, which reduces the need for manual intervention and helps to optimize the crushing process.

Environmental protection: The machine is designed to meet environmental protection standards, with features such as low noise and dust emissions.

Overall, the DMC Compound Cone Crusher is a reliable and efficient machine that offers several benefits for crushing hard and abrasive materials, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Application of DMC Compound Cone Crusher

DMC Compound Cone Crusher is a versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of applications in various industries. Some of the common applications of DMC Compound Cone Crusher include:

Mining: The machine is widely used in mining operations for crushing hard and abrasive materials such as granite, basalt, iron ore, and other minerals.

Construction: DMC Compound Cone Crusher is also used in construction projects for crushing rocks, stones, and other construction materials.

Road construction: The machine can be used in road construction projects for crushing materials such as concrete and asphalt.

Aggregate production: DMC Compound Cone Crusher is used in aggregate production for crushing materials into smaller sizes for use in concrete, asphalt, and other construction applications.

Metallurgy: The machine is used in the metallurgy industry for crushing ores and other materials for processing.

Chemical industry: DMC Compound Cone Crusher can be used in the chemical industry for crushing and grinding various materials.

Overall, DMC Compound Cone Crusher is a versatile machine that can be used in various industries for crushing hard and abrasive materials. The machine's wide range of applications makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to invest in a reliable and efficient crushing solution.